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One road after the other, it´s getting smaller and smaller, finally ending in one single building – the old brickworks, built in the late 1880s. Now a couple of really good guys operate the location as a place for live and dance music – and it really works! Full of relics of good old times, combined with relics of Rock ´n Roll, the location is a place to be!

So, after setting up (a little late due to heavy traffic jam), we enjoyed good catering and a rather small stage which tonight would be spending good energy in high doses. We´re looking forward to the show, still carrying the spirit from the show in Osnabrueck and realizing that we were grown together as a band.

And then, the crowd comes. They come from every little village around, filling the room nearly completely!Thankful, happy, singing and dacing, they turn the show into a festival; even after the show they keep dancing to the turntable all night long (all night…)

Twistringen, you rock! Thank you – we´ll be back!

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