The MAGIC of SANTANA is Europas No.1 SANTANA Show!

For us as a band and for you as the audience, it´s a unique selling point that we regularly have current or formerly musicians of SANTANA sharing the stage with us. We played shows along with legendary congero Raul Rekow in Hungary; with Richard Baker on Hammond and keyboards in Czech Republik; and with Alex Ligertwood and Tony Lindsay, both lead singers, in Spain, Austria and Germany. More than that: the audience was excited all over –   even those who never got in tuch wih SANTANA´s music before!

Okay, needless to say that every single andmember is an extraordinary musician. Everyone deals with SANTANA´s music, with the sound, the equipment and the instruments. But that´s not all and everything to make a band – especially a tribute band – unique.

Of course, we play the modern hits as well as SANTANA´s classics; doing that, we bring in our own signature in, without losing connection to the original. However, we also perform songs out of SANTANA´s rich repertoire that carry lots of that magic within – songs that have not been played by SANTANA for a long time. As we can easily see by the reaction of the ausience, this is the right thing to do.

So, at last it´s very simple to tell why there´s so much magic in The MAGIC of SANTANA:

we love what we do!