The Rosenhof is a formerly cinema, turned into a mid-sized club, one of that kind that quickly gives you this special Rock ´n Roll feeling which we all like. On those stages, everything is possible, no matter how well you´ve prepared the show. So, no wonder that this was going to be a wonderful evening for both the musicians and the audience – indeed, there was lots of magic moments; parts of that song yesterday played very loud, all of a sudden became almost noiseless; out of the blue, the organ solo turns into a Reaggae played by the whole band – and so on. By now, we are so tight together and at the same time so relaxed that we musically trust each other blindly. The band and every musician is in the spotlight and this bunch of energy is flowing between band and audience. What more can one ask for?

And, there´s more! For the first time, The MAGIC of SANTANA did a video livestream on Facebook to send greets from backstage to our fans who couldn´t make it to the show. We´ll carry on doing that!

Secondly, an old tradition of the well-known german Band Torfrock which Oliver Steinwede joined as the drummer far a long time, before he came to The MAGIC of SANTANA came back and got an “upgrade”. After the show, a hand-signed drumhead came to auction directly on our merchandise booth. We collected a very good amount of money by some guys who gave the drumhead to a friend as a birthday present. We decided to give the money to the Hamburg Sternenbrücke (which means “bridge to the stars”), an organisation that takes care of children with deadly deseases, and of their parents, too.


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